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The B.O.S.S. (Book of Structured Success) System

There are many people in Marketing and Sales who struggle with Time Management, Structure, Organization and Accountability as well as how to "Set Goals Properly 2 Achieve Goals Daily"

There is a Formula for Disaster that sets in when people have difficulty with these key areas.

No Set Appointments + No Confirmations = 
No Sale Appointments & No Income/Commissions


The B.O.S.S. (Book of Structured Success) System

This time, true and tested system was developed by the President of B4 Success, Coach Tony.

It was designed ultimately for 2 reasons:
1. To ensure the Personal Goals are being achieved by the individual in Marketing & Sales. 
2. To ensure the Team Goals that are set by the Sales Managers/Directors are being achieved.

If you've read Coach Tony's BIO you would see firsthand his level of success in Marketing & Sales. In addition you will also see that his ability to duplicate success within his Agents & Associates was in direct proportion to him training them on the same system!


Each B.O.S.S. is prepared and tailored specifically for the Sales/Marketing Person.
1. Selection of color of leather binder
2. Selection of company logo
3. Pictures of "Goals in Pursuit"

The inside of the book are standard items and equipment to ensure Structure, Organization & Accountability:
1. Time Management System
2. Scripts
3. Contact/Prospect Logs
4. Invite/Set Appointment/Confirmation Logs
5. Transitory System


The most important piece of the B.O.S.S. System is the Personal "one-on-one" Training each recipient will receive from our Marketing and Sales Expert Coach Tony. Training that, if followed, will produce increase in Marketing, Sales, Retention and most importantly Commissions/Income!!!

Order your Personalized B.O.S.S. System Today and earn YOUR 3 C's, Confidence - Competence & COMPENSATION!


"I decided that not only was I going to get business coaching but I was also going to start my core leaders with B4 Success business coaching program as well as their Book of Structured Success tool (B.O.S.S.). 

Within 4 days of introducing the coaching and B.O.S.S. to my team, we have hired 6 people, 4 additional people wanting to join in a few weeks and over 100 new prospects and 6 new clients! 

This is the best INVESTMENT I have EVER made in my business.

I'm so excited about my future success and the success of my team. All because of Coach Tony and The B4 Success Company.” 
Monica E
Regional Vice President
PFS Citigroup

Prospect Tracking System

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