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The "5 P's" In Happiness  

The "Heart 2 Heart" Message

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Did that get your attention? If you are like most people you read that title and thought to yourself, hmm I only see 2 "P’s"

You actually spell it with 2 “P’s”, however there really are 5 P's to Happiness. More on what they are later in this article. Wow, 2017 is going fast. We are almost through the first quarter. How is Your 2017 turning out? What goals and dreams are eluding you no matter how hard you work and plan? Are you experiencing some Personal, Business or Financial setbacks? One of the things I've been hearing from my new clients and audiences throughout the country during my speaking engagements is that they are feeling "overwhelmed". Do you feel the same?

I Believe if most people know and practice the 5 P's they would achieve more of the goals they set and become less overwhelmed.

As promised here are the 5 "Ps"... PURPOSE, PRIORITY, PASSION, PEACE AND PROSPERITY. Let's look at each.

First on the list is Your PURPOSE. In order for you to truly experience happiness you must know and pursue your Purpose. To many people either don’t know what their Purpose is or worse they are consumed with people telling them what their Purpose should be. Your Purpose is what drives you, what moves you, what gets you up and going in the morning It is what you feel you were called to do or be a part of. It is the beginning of true Happiness and Success.

Next is PRIORITY. I believe Priorities should start with, Your God First, Your Family Second and then Your Job, Business, School etc. third. This is what I live by and it has served me well. Priority is what you know to be important on your list of things to do and focus on. It keeps you on track and prevents you from going back and forth from one thing to another. When people do that, I call it the Squirrel Syndrome. Think about it, have you ever seen a squirrel running around, he looks quite confused and not sure which way to go as he darts back and forth on the road and unfortunately most times the results for him are not good! Your Priority will keep you on track with your Purpose and not left stranded on the road to Success.

Then there's the PASSION! Passion is an essential ingredient in anything we wish to accomplish and become successful at. Passion is described in the dictionary as: a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing, passion is an intense emotion that is compelling. Your Passion will keep you excited with intense emotion which will keep you in alignment with Your Purpose and Priority.

By pursuing your Purpose, Priority & Passion, You will then begin to experience PEACE, a feeling of joy and bliss...a feeling of confidence that you are on track and what you do matters and that it is important. Eventually the feeling of being overwhelmed will diminish. Stress will begin to fade away; Your mind and body will begin to cooperate in harmony towards your goals and dreams. You then begin to smile more, interact more; become more attractive internally to others. You then enroll more clients or customers, You do better in school, You receive the job or pay raise you've been seeking... it's all starting to come together due to your knowledge and you getting aligned with Your Purpose, Priority, Passion and Peace. 

Finally and Ultimately You have PROSPERITY....Prosperity is simply the state of Flourishing, Thriving, A Successful Life, A Successful Business, and perhaps Great Fortune & Wealth. Yes, in the year 2017 it can happen to You and for You.

There it is... Your 5 P's to Happiness.
Remember Whatever Your Mind can Conceive and Believe You Can Achieve!

Be on the look-out for the next H2H Message, “Everyone is a Business Owner”.

If you are having trouble identifying what your Purpose, Priority or Passion is or how to achieve Your Peace and Prosperity we here at The B4 Success Company can help you with our Personal & Financial Coaching or Business Consulting Services.

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This Week's Quotes:

"Live a Vital Life. Here's one of the reasons why. If you Live well, you will Earn well. If you Live well, it will Show in Your Face, it will Show in the Texture of Your Voice. There will be Something Unique and Magical about You if You Live Well. It will Infuse not only Your Personal Life but also Your Business Life and Financial Life it Will also give You a Vitality nothing else can give".
~ Jim Rohn

"Let go of the past and go for the future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined." 
~ Henry David Thoreau

Safety TIP of the Week: 

Please don't Text and Drive, it is estimated that texting while driving is responsible for more highway fatalities than driving drunk.

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Encourage your friends and family by sharing this newsletter and invite others to subscribe! Just send them to www.B4success.net Or feel free to forward This Heart 2 Heart Message to friends and colleagues, but please forward in its entirety.

"Heart 2 Heart" Newsletter

Hear, Believe, Do, Achieve!

Until Next Time...Warm Wishes, 

Coach Tony

P.S. If you are having difficulty in achieving your goals and dreams, personally or professionally, we would love to help you. Contact us at info@b4success.net or visit our website www.b4success.net to review our Coaching Solutions & Programs.

Encourage your friends and family by sharing this newsletter and invite others to subscribe! Just send them to www.b4success.net, where they can enter their email address on the home page.

Please feel free to forward This Heart 2 Heart Message to friends and colleagues, but please forward in its entirety. The Heart 2 Heart by Coach Tony is written and distributed by B4 Success.

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