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"We learn to read by the time we're 7, We learn to make a living by the time we're 25 and yet by the time we are 65 We have not learned how to become financially independent in the richest land that has ever been known" - Earl Nightingale

As a former Senior Vice President, within the Financial Services Industry-licensed in all areas of finances, Coach Tony is experienced to help educate and guide you on your financial journey with solid solutions.

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"Most Americans have extremely low levels of financial literacy, research suggests, despite its importance. The Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy tests 12th graders every two years by asking them practical money questions. The students consistently record an average score of 50 to 55 percent, generally considered to be a failing grade. Other research shows that about 3 in 4 workers don't know how much money they need to save for a comfortable retirement. Only about half of respondents in one study were able to correctly answer two simple questions about interest rates and inflation."

"Such poor results matter, because research also shows that people who understand basic financial principles are better at avoiding debt, retirement planning and accumulating wealth."
~~ Professor Annamaria Lusardi, Economics - Dartmouth College

Many people are experiencing effects of this recession. More than ever, people are looking for Financial Education and Understanding of their current financial challenges and concerns as well as that of their future.

Areas Covered:

  • Life Insurance - Type of policies available and how they work
  • Retirement Plans and Strategies
  • The top 3 Ways to Increase Your cash flow
  • Investments - Understanding the different investment options commonly used to achieve goals similar to yours
  • Helping you determine your FIN - Financial Independent Number
  • How to build a "Solid Financial House"
  • Legal Protection Program with a Living Will - Why it is a must in some states
  • How to protect your family from the #1 consumer complaint - Identity Theft

** The B4 Success Company does not sell financial products or services**