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The B4 Success Company has over 21 years of experience in the Sales & Leadership Industry and a vast array of Knowledge and Success within the Personal Development Arena.

From many years of successful service to others, we know what is required “Before (B4) Success" and stand ready to assist You or Your Business and The Training of Your Sales Teams, Leaders and Staff.


Legal Counsel -

Every Business Owner/Entrepreneur should have Legal Counsel as part of their business model to assist them with Contracts, Vendor Issues, Bad Check Recovery and Employee Issues to name a few.

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Retirement & Estate Planning -

Americans are living longer and most are not planning for retirement or prepared financially to retire now. No matter what your age, it is never too late to put together a solid plan to Build, Grow and Preserve your wealth and assets an Annuity may be what you need. Click HERE to learn more.

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* New Business Strategies

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* Financial Strategies

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Our Mission:

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Major Announcement- Book Release

Coach Tony is pleased to announce the release of his book -

The "6 Laws" of Success

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"Are you breaking the law right now? Many of you will say no but honestly you are. To be Successful you need to learn the 6 Laws of Success. This guide will be the best investment you ever make."


Business Owner

​Savannah, GA


“The 6 Laws of Success”, an uplifting no nonsense book that will not only help guide you on your financial path but your over all life.

Coach T speaks truth and knowledge that is motivational and educational. It makes you start to ask yourself the hard questions, makes you want to seek the answers.......even more to explore the possibilities of your abilities and true purpose in life. The most important investment you can make is in yourself, “The 6 Laws of Success” is definitely a great benefit to your personal development and self worth.
~Saqoiya King

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Coach Tony,
"My time spent with you was well worth it. You have a very strong and positive message to share. One of the key things I get from you is that you have the ability to wake up the spirit in others. Most people don’t get opportunities to encounter an individual like you. I figure this,.. if I can be inspired by you, then you’re on the right track to lift others in need of a direction."

James Robinson, Police Lieutenant, Pilot, Business Owner

"Both Selling and Failing to Sell Your Product or Service requires hard work, which do you want to work hard at mastering"

~ Coach Tony

"Don't Make Excuses Just Make A Way" -

~ Saqoiya King, General Manager - B4 Success Company, LLC

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"
- Benjamin Franklin

"Investing in Yourself, a Class or Workshop is the Most Important Investment you'll ever make in Your Life"

~ Warren Buffett, Billionaire & Legendary Businessman

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